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Healy Animal Kit

The Healy is a technology frequency device. It supports wellness relative to pain. stress relief, weight loss, mental balance, energy and relaxation programs.  Also an amazing medical device for pain, arthritis, well being, beauty/skin with many more exciting programs. This amazing new technology launched in Europe the US and many more Countries is FDA approved. 


The Healy Animal kit

Healy animal kit is a bundle that contains a Heal advisor animal subscription. Using this product which has 12 special Healy IMF programs can help find the appropriate individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) Healy programs to harmonize your animal’s Bioenergetic Field. 

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Healy in action

Millie ( In picture to the right) after an amputation of her front leg & shoulder soaking up the healy frequency pain relief programs. Love healy animal care products.